Our food safety management plan is modelled on the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. To ensure the food safety and quality of our restaurants, we have instituted relevant food safety management systems, appointed special personnel for the management of food safety and quality, and implemented a self-inspection system, while continuously optimizing restaurant design and introducing new technologies.

A、Clearly Defined Accountability System

All the store managers and employees are responsible for food safety, quality and hygiene. By employing a food safety rating system, we clearly define everyone’s responsibility so that all the staff are held accountable for food safety and respect the rules.

B、Complete Systems and Documents

We seek to build a sound food safety management system by establishing a management system of staff health and a system of food self-inspection, and by formulating requirements for raw material control, process control, routine training and pest control.

C、Standard Operation Procedures

With regard to the management concept of food safety from source areas to tables, we have, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, set up product procurement requirements and product processing procedures, and compiled an employee operations manual. In this way, we have specified the standards and requirements for waste disposal in kitchens, food recalls, staff health and hygiene, and response principles of emergencies on food safety.

D、Systematic Cleaning and Inspection

We have laid down systematic plans on cleaning and disinfection, and conducted random unannounced inspections. In parallel, we have engaged professional third-party external auditing agencies in our rating.

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