• Signature Hot Pot-Tomato Soup Base

    It is a MUST-HAVE when you come to Haidilao!

    Selected tomatoes that have enjoyed abundant sunshine are made into sauce. The sauce is then fried to make the tomato soup base. It is recommended with fresh fishes.


    No-spicy Soup Base

  • Signature Hot Pot-Mushroom Soup Hot Pot

    It is made of mushrooms simmered for 2 hours.

    The soup base tastes refreshing, and mushroom is rich in flavor. It is recommended for boiling mushrooms.


    No-spicy Soup Base

  • Signature Hot Pot-Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot

    Fried with vegetable oil, spicy flavor, delicious but not greasy.

    Selected Sichuan pepper, pepper and spices raw materials are served to make real Sichuan hot pot with process of traditional watercress fermentation. It is featured by bright red color soup base with spicy and rich flavor. It is recommended for boiling crispy and chewy animal ingredients.


    Spicy Soup Base、Spicy soup base with hot chili oil

  • Signature Hot Pot-Three Delicacy Hot Pot

    Rich texture with delicious fresh flavor.

    Modern craft is adopted to extract meat concentrated bone soup. Different condiments can be matched according to own preference. It tastes better with sesame sauce. It is recommended for boiling seafoods and vegetables.


    No-spicy Soup Base、No-spicy soup base without hot chili oil


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