Our Story

The brand Haidilao was founded in 1994. With over 20 years of development, Haidilao? International Holding Ltd. has become a world-renowned catering enterprise.

By June 30th 2019, Haidilao owns 593 directly-operated branch restaurants scattered globally? across China (Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Singapore, the United States of America, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Vietnam. It has outlets in 118 cities in Mainland? China alone.

Over the years, Haidilao has withstood the challenges of the market as well as customers, and? has successfully forged a quality hot pot brand which has earned a reputation for itself. Haidilao? combines kinds of characteristics of hot pot in many places of China. As a large-scale chain? catering enterprise with operations all over the world, Haidilao adheres to integrity in business.? It gives the highest priority to continuously improving the quality and safety of its food? products, providing more thoughtful services to its customers while delivering healthier, safer? and more nutritious food.

  • 1994

    -In 1994, Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant was founded in Jianyang, Sichuan Province.

  • 1999

    -Our restaurant network extended from Sichuan province to Xi'an, Shanxi.

  • 2002

    - Our restaurant opened up in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

  • 2004

    -Our restaurant opened up in Beijing.

  • 2006

    -Our restaurant opened up in Shanghai.

  • 2008

    -In 2008, we were awarded the title of "Chinese Famous Hot Pot" by the CCA.

  • 2010

    -Haidilao Hot Pot delivery services went into business.

    -We established Haidilao College.

  • 2011

    -We founded Jianyang Tongcai Experimental School.

    -Shuhai supply chain was established.

    -We ranked the 20th in the CCA list of "Top 100 Chinese Catering Businesses 2010".

    -Our trademark "Haidilao" was certified as "National Well-known Trademark" by the Trademark Office of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

  • 2012

    - We opened our first overseas restaurant in Clarke Quay, Singapore, ushering in our global expansion.

  • 2013

    -Our restaurant in Los Angeles, US launched trial operation, marking our entry into the American market.

    -Yihai International Holding Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong.

  • 2014

    -In 2014, our restaurant in Seoul, South Korea was opened, marking our entry into the South Korean market.

  • 2015

    -Our restaurant opened up in Taiwan, China and Japan.

    -Beijing Microsea Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was officially founded.

  • 2016

    -Bingwen Library went into operation.

    -On July 13, Yihai International Holding Ltd. went public at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK).

  • 2017

    - Our restaurant opened up in Hong Kong, China.

    -We received more than 100 million customers and signed contracts with nearly 20 overseas restaurants.

  • 2018

    -Our first smart restaurant opened up in Beijing

    -We went public at the SEHK.

    -We launched "Haidilao APP".

    -The number of our restaurants at home and abroad increased to 466.

  • 2019

    -We continue to develop our global restaurant network mainly in Asian, European, American and Australian markets.

    -We launched "Quality Time with Kids" Project.

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